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You’re here because you need content: print, digital, audio or video. If your message encompasses the verticals of health or healthcare, travel and lifestyle, celebrities, or pets and horses/equestrian, you’re in the right place.

Stephanie Stephens is a very experienced, deadline-driven, freelance journalist and reporter for print and electronic media. She’s also a content and corporate writer and audio/video writer, producer, anchor and host. Not content with average content? Neither is she.

She has contributed hundreds of articles to respected and popular trade, custom and consumer publication categories. New studies from medical literature spin readers’ heads daily, and they need someone to clearly decipher the message, often with consumer anecdotes to make research “real.” When they travel, readers are eager to go someplace they’ve never gone, and do something they’re never done. And they want to know how others, specifically celebrities, live well so they can do the same. She’s interviewed more than 200 of them.

Your project and her skill set can be such a great match, you’ll be tossing confetti, too!



Words - Stephanie Stephens
Take a tour through Stephanie’s journalism in four major subject categories, beginning with health and healthcare. Then stop by travel and lifestyle, celebrities, and pets and horses/equestrian. Also learn about her content writing and corporate writing skills.

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Sound - Stephanie Stephens
Her experience as a radio news anchor, music personality and voiceover artist rewinds in her professionally-produced podcasts—with jingles, if requested. To expand your content library, Stephanie will write, produce and host podcasts for you.

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Screen - Stephanie Stephens
Video is the future of content. But wait! The future is here, with YouTube receiving one billion unique visitors each month. Stephanie’s video channel has accrued more than a half-million views. She’d love to write, produce and host a video for you now.

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