Steph writes cross-platform branded content for corporations, television networks and stations, content marketing agencies, hospitals, associations and health insurance companies. She produces articles—branded or native—ghostwriting, newsletters, press releases and press kits, scripts—audio and video—white papers and case studies, and e-zines and e-books. Just please don’t ask her for an annual report (math). With a background in corporate marketing, media and public relations, she’s poised to understand your objectives. What’s on your list now for content writing and corporate writing?

She knows social media and SEO. Bring on those titles, tags and descrips! She’ll write and help schedule your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest posts—packing plenty of editorial meat into those few characters.

Ask her for a list of corporate clients in her specialty areas, and then ask her what she can do for you in content marketing. Steph will fit right in as a member of your team, instead of working an outsider. She’ll ask the right questions to convey your targeted messages, so consumers have a clear understanding of what you have to offer.

She has extensive experience writing branded content that captures her clients’ DNA. Her work doesn’t “feel like” an advertorial, but skillfully walks the fine line between advertising and editorial, conveying the right voice, tone and style—at just the right time. If the time is now for you to produce great content with great content writing and corporate writing, let her help. Contact Steph today to discuss your needs.